3 years post rhinoplasty; nose shortened with uneven and retracted nostril. Can it be fixed?

I'm 3 yrs post rhinoplasty. I had a bone graft from my iliac crest on my bridge. Now, my radix is too high, one of the nostrils is retracted and nose is shortened. Can I get rid of the implant to get my natural height of the bridge and lengthen the nose to its previous length?

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Problems post rhinoplasty 3 years ago

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whilst it is difficult to comment without photos or an examination it sounds as if your initial operation was a substantial augmentation rhinoplasty. Was this for a post trauma deformity or just a flat nasal bridge? In any event you would need a face to face consultation with a secondary rhinoplasty expert and you should bring pre op photos plus details of the previous surgery you have undergone (you are legally entitled to copies of your operation notes and patient record from your previous doctor). It is likely that your nose was altered during the operation before the iliac bone graft was inserted so simply removing the graft will not return your nose to its original shape. If your nose is now significantly shorter than before it may be difficult (though not impossible) to get it back to full length particularly if the lining has been damaged. You need a comprehensive nasal assessment with full disclosure of all previous treatment so your rhinoplasty surgeon can provide you with the appropriate advice.

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