3 weeks post op - am I forming a double bubble? Indent on right implant (Photos)

Hi! Three weeks ago I had a BA and donut lift. I received 360cc HP round silicone implants placed dual plane + the donut lift to help reposition and resize my nipples. During recovery my right breast (The side with the larger tattoo) has seemed to be dropping much faster then the left. Today I noticed a slight indent on the implant which only becomes visible in certain lighting/angles. My Dr has encouraged massage, but otherwise said not to worry yet. Is there any cause for concern?

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Double Bubble After Surgery

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It's a little early to tell if you are forming a double bubble on the right side. There does seem to be a gap in the lower portion of that breast. It could just be that implant has yet to fully settle into the breast pocket. If that is the situation, you wouldn't want to wear an underwire bra because that will restrict the implant from dropping. You are still early in the healing process, so for now, be patient and follow your surgeons instructions. Continue massaging and consider wearing a sports bra with no support. 

3 weeks post op - am I forming a double bubble? Indent on right implant

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Thank you for your question.  I share your concern about the right breast and the possibility of a double bubble.  Please see her surgeon again and ask if taping of the inframammary crease is possible.  In addition the use of an underwire bra and taping can often help if started early.

Double Bubble can be Double Trouble

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Micromastia (small breasts) with breast ptosis (droop) can be one of the most challenging aesthetic procedures for plastic surgeons. Often the footprint of the breast needs to be lowered to accommodate the implant and then the breast tissue and nipple position are shifted based on the new breast mound. As most breasts are not identical minor asymmetries can be amplified following breast augmentation mastopexy. 

Careful follow up with your plastic surgeon is strongly recommended as well as the breast massage techniques. 

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