3 weeks PO, I know it's early days but am I bottoming out on my right (your left)? (photos)

Hi I may just be being paranoid - I had my BA mid 12 March 2015, so almost 3 weeks. I had my right crease lowered as there was virtually no breast there. I was advised dropping rates would be different, but worried as when I looked in the mirror today I could see my incision scar.

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Early results

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It does not appear that the implants are bottoming out at this point. The incision is a bit high on the breast for my taste, but that doesn't mean that the implants are poorly positioned. You should see a dramatic change in shape, position, and firmness over the next several months. Only time will tell, but nothing looks out of place right now.

3 Weeks post op

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It is too early to determine how the breasts will ultimately settle.  I know it's hard, but try to be patient.  Follow the instructions given by your surgeon and be sure to keep up with follow up exams so your progress can be documented.  Your final results will not be revealed for a few months and many changes take place in these first early weeks.  If you have concerns you should speak with your surgeon, as he/she knows exactly what was involved in your surgery.  

Bottoming out

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It is too early to tell if you are going to bottom out.  In this picture, it doesn't look like it to me.  The breasts are very swollen and not natural looking yet - hang in there, things will develop.  Best of luck!

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