2 Fantastic Surgeons: Different Size Recommendations. (photo)

My BWD is 12cm. My Nipple to (sternal notch?) is 20cm on both sides. My nipple to nipple distance is 19.5cm. I'm 171cm and 52kg. I'm after a 'full' but natural look. I want to look proportional and not too top heavy. Both surgeons have recommended subfascial placement with round implants. One surgeon has said anything over 310cc would make me look top heavy. The other thinks I can carry between 325-375cc. Both suggested either Allergan Moderate profile or Mentor Moderate Plus. Confused. Help!

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Two different size implants advice

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First, you should realize that you already look natural. Any augmentation only magnifies your present situation. Implant size should be determined by you. Try on different size implants in a full length mirror. 
Discuss your options with a board certified plastic surgeon

2 diferent opinons

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Great Question -

You should choose the board certified plastic surgeon you are most comfortable with. As far as implants, you should not go over the base width (BW) of your breasts. I would advise scheduling a second consult and try on implant sizers to see what size and look you like best.

As always schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

- Best of luck

Frederick G. Weniger, MD, FACS, MBA
Weniger Plastic Surgery

#implant size

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Hi. Don't fret too much as I think you will likely be happy with your result regardless of the nuance of implant choice.  Basically if you go for the smaller end of your implant choice sizing ie 300 cc then a round would be fine under or over the muscle.  If you want 375 cc and a natural look then you are definitely better going for a teardrop shape (under or over muscle) to avoid upper pole fullness. Personally in your case I would do a subglandular technique as I don't like the effects of animation from the pec muscle movement.



Best breast volume?

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Toughest question in breast augmentation surgery.  I have found what works out best for me is to have patients utilize a sizing bra in my office with the mentor sizing system to help my patients see how they will look in clothes with different volumes.  As important as that is, I believe that your breast appearance getting out of the shower is also key.  So I use intraoperatively sizers l, in the range my patient chooses, and based on their stated desires make the choice while they are sitting upright on the OR table.  We work together as a team to pick the best size.  Then post op I can speak with confidence about the implant volume chosen because I had tried multiple sizers before settling on the chosen implants.  Communicate your desires well and remember the implants will most likely be there for decades.  Best wishes

Craig Harrison, MD, PA
Tyler Plastic Surgeon

Breast augmentation implant sizing

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I would choose the surgeon that you felt most comfortable with.  The most important measurement is the BW of your chest.  I would avoid putting in an implant that is much larger than your natural BW.


Implant choice

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Thanks for sharing your story and I am glad you have seen 2 great surgeons.
I hate to do this but I disagree with their management plan.
I would use:
1) Dual plane pocket as you are very lean in the upper pole and going subfascial will lead to implant show. This is particular important with round implants that ripple more than tear drop implants, especially above the muscle

2) I would use moderate plus tear drop implants. Especially seeing you have slight ptosis on the left side.

I hope this helps and doesn't confuse you even more.

The most important opinions are the 2 surgeons you saw not any of us on this forum because we haven't examined you.


Which size/

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Hi there.  It just goes to show that despite various claims, there is no precise science to sizing.

There are upper limits in most patients dependent on various measurements. With this in mind, good sizers are often very accurate.  Have you tried sizers?

The size ranges you have been quoted are not wildly far apart mind you. At 52kg and 171cm my tendency would be go at the lower range you have been suggested, especially as you are wanting a full but natural look. I would also agree with the round subfascial placement.

I hope this helps.

2 Fantastic Surgeons: Different Size Recommendations.

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Hard to answer this question without specific breast measurements AND an in person exam. Remember to choose a board certified plastic surgeon who actually takes the time to measure you and examine your breast pocket. Remember that sizers will only give you a rough estimate. The goal of breast augmentation is to optimally fill your breast pocket, not to overstuff or understuff it. At my practice, we utilize a series of 5 breast measurements that help me determine the implant size, which in turn helps me deliver a 24 hour recovery. Do your research and choose a surgeon who takes the time to sit down with you and discuss your goals/expectations to determine the best size for you. In general, moderate profile gives you a more natural look while high profile give you the rounded, shelf push up bra look. Good luck!!

Breast augmentation - which implant?

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Thank you for your question about your breast augmentation.

  • It truly isn't possible to tell you which implant to select.
  • You are very slim - and the larger implant may be too much for you...or not.
  • I suggest you buy a bra of the kind you want to fill out and return to one of the surgeons for a second fitting with implant sizers.
  • If the larger implant is too large for the bra you want to fill out, chances are it will be too large on you.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes. Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD

Implant Size Options

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The Allergan Moderate round 310 cc implants are 12 cm wide so I would agree, based on your BWD provided that anything wider wouldn't look proportionate.

My patients find it helpful to try on the implant sizers with a form-fitting T-shirt in order to get an idea of how they will look.

All the best

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