1yr post benelli lift w/implants gone wrong. What do you recommend - revision surgery to fix huge areolas? (Photos)

What implant size, implant type, what sutures should be used, anchor or lollipop? Initially subgland, Natrelle MF255cc anatomicals. Originally, 23cm from sternal, BW 13.5cmL, 13cmR, sutures used: Vicryl/Monocryl (dissolvable?). My now huge areolas are hideous and I can't look at myself in the mirror let alone consider someone else see me naked. In a relaxed state they are 7cms. I need & want to get them fixed so might as well get it all done again and properly this time and appreciate input.

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Not a fan of the Benelli lift

What is recommended depends on what you're trying to achieve.  If you want firmer, tighter breasts that are higher and closer together, I would convert you to a sub-muscular implant and do a verticle lift. That lift pattern can reduce the areolar as much as desired.  Trying to Lift the whole breast (and an implant too) with just the donut lift, results in an enlarged, distorted areola, often with a bad scar because of the tension on the closure. and the implants settle too much anyway  If you like your current size, get bigger because they will be more subtle under the muscle

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