14 days post labiaplasty - will I need to be recut and stitched, or see how healing goes?

Hi currently 14 days post labiaplasty not sure if itching is part of the healing process and had a good look today and looks like stitches towards the back have all pulled thru:( stitches at front all healing nice and look neat) rest look like the two sides have come apart.will I need to be recut and stitched or see how healing goes ? Also very itchy burning doesn't look red or infected - could it be thrush from antibiotics ?

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Scar separation after labiaplasty?

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If you think you have a scar separation after your labiaplasty, call your surgeon and get examined. A yeast infection can make you itch, but so can normal healing. Only an examination can determine what your condition is and what is necessary to improve it.


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Sorry that you've had a separation. Sadly there is nothing to do about it except local care. Your surgeon should be aware. Very uncommon to have a separation in my practice. Yeast infection is common with antibiotics after labiaplasty... That's why I don't ever use antibiotics. They're not required. Get a diflucan script from your MD.Wait 6 months for any revision attempts if needed. You can't just go back in a reclose. Too fragile. 

14 days post labiaplasty - will I need to be recut and stitched, or see how healing goes

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Thank you for your question. A photo would be helpful.  Please contact your surgeon or the on call number for the practice for an examination. Best wishes for a speedy recovery


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Usually labiaplasty heal is pretty good and fast. 
 And the itching is the accepted feeling during the healing processes. 
 If you think toward the back of the incisional area is open you should see your Dr for evaluation to find out what is going on
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Dr Kafali

Post op labiaplasty

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Itching is a normal process after surgery, but discharge and open wounds is not normal. The sutures are supposed to fall out at about 3 weeks. If your tissue is opening, and not healing you should see your doctor. The labia often heals up on its own without further surgery, but it is difficult to predict without examining you.

Laura A. Sudarsky, MD
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon
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