1 year and 6 month old thyroidectomy scar still red and raised? What else can I do? (photo)

I have had 6 - 7 laser treatments (genesis) and 2 steroid injections, yet there is still no improvement. What else can i do?

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Hypertrophic Scars Generally Respond Well To Anti-Inflammatory Injections

I am sorry you have been having this problem. While I am not surprised by the lack of success with the lasers, I am a bit surprised that what appears here to be a hypertrophic scar did not respond to the steroid injections. Quite possibly the injecting physician did not use the appropriate concentration of steroid. Doses of 10mg, 20mg and 40mg/cc of triamcinolone may need to be used. Or it sometimes may need to be combined with another anti-inflammatory agent, 5-fluorouracil. But in general, this approach works in shrinking scars and fading their reddish color. Topicals would not be likely to achieve more than subtle or inconsistent improvement. And, in general, relatively expensive laser treatments have proven disappointing in my experience, as well, as your own lack of success with them further substantiates. Be sure to seek treatment by a board certified physician with experience and expertise in all forms of scar treatments. Good luck to you.

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Thyroid scar treatment

We are experts in thyroid scars. I would use a combination of fractional laser, Kenalog IIT, laser therapy, and topical Plato's Scar Serum which is available in Australia. 


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