3 rhinoplasties over 20 yrs and my nose is ugly. I know redo's are difficult but can i get this fixed ? (photos)

1st cosmetic change 2nd surgery( different Dr) open using template,deviated septum,reduction turbinates poss.graft( memory fails) 3rd surgery( as above Dr) more cosmetic work, using template, bridge work. Cortisone injection post surgery for tip swelling, no difference. Nose looks worse than original.I hate it so much+ avoid photos now. Have paid for all surgeries and $$.I'm worried about further surgery+surgeon +$. What went wrong? I snore now too but sinus improved. Can this nose be fixed?

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Revision rhinoplasty

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Dear Tracey

It is difficult from these photos.  We take standardised photos and would need to assess you under ideal conditions, see what your concerns are, and see what can be addressed. All is not apparent sometimes until the nose is viewed from all angles, and assessed cosmetically and functionally..

At the moment what I can see from these photos is that you have a very attractive face, but possibly a low nasal "takeoff point", making the nose look a little bottom heavy.  However I couldn't be sure until I've seen standardised photos or examined you.  You need an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to assess you, assuming you do not wish to return to your original surgeon.

I may be too far away for you to travel, but would be happy to recommend some excellent surgeons closer to you.

With best wishes.

3rd Rhinoplasty

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Hi Tracey,

Its not obvious from your photos what needs to "be fixed". From the photos that I can see, your nose looks excellent, there are no obvious signs of surgery, its well proportioned and harmonious with your face. The inverted V deformity from the first surgery was fixed at the second surgery. 

A common difficult concept for rhinoplasty patients is understanding the difference between  a good result and a perfect result. Rest assured no one has a perfect nose, either before or after surgery.

You will always be more aware of  your nose's imperfections than people around you because its your nose and you look at it every day and can feel it. I would be surprised if the people close to you would think anything other than you have a great looking nose.

If your nose is functionally ok then my advice is not to have any further surgery.

After 3 rhinoplasties nasal revision surgery

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Unfortunatly your options are limited. The problem becomes that of very thinned and over resected cartilages and any repair will probabaly fall short of your expectations. Your best option is consultation with a very experienced plastic surgeon who can give you an honest assesssment. Finances are often an issue in secondary rhinoplasty and these proceedures are more difficult than the first rhinoplasty and hence more expensive. .

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