Will working out/training for a bikini show cause shifting of new breast implants?

I am planning on having a BA at the end of this month. I also plan on competing in a bikini show in April 2017. I will follow my PS's instructions regarding the month down time. After that, I will be training for my show. I will also be avoiding direct chest exercise. My main question is...Will cutting down bf% to the typical fitness competitor level (where implants are more obvious) cause implants to shift permanently? Or do they return to the normal look after a bf% increases after the show?

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Will working out/training for a bikini show cause shifting of new breast implants?

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For my patients who enjoy working out and/or doing fitness competitions, I recommend avoiding direct chest exercises if the implants are placed behind the muscle. When the pectoralis contracts, it can cause an animation deformity during the contraction. Over time this can can cause an increase in the volume of the implant pocket. this may cause the implant to sit more laterally over time. Regarding getting very lean for your competition, you will obviously lose breast volume possibly making the implant more visible. God luck!

Breast augmentation for the athlete

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Great question. I specialize in cosmetic surgery for athletes. My wife and I both compete tin the NPC bodybuilding contests.  So, I have a special interest in athletes.  I prefer to perform the augmentation with partial-submuscular silicone implants.  Women who are thin need extra soft tissue coverage to reduce visibility of the implant.  This can be more of an issue especially when your body fat is sub 10%. I prefer a high-fill ratio silicone implant for these competitors. They have reduced rippling than other profiles. Definitely not a saline implant, as they have higher rippling.  As you return to a normal body fat (aka "off season"), you will regain your normal breast fat and this visible rippling will diminish.

Question of malposition is more important. Body fat percentage has no impact. But the muscle will push on the top of the implant with a partial-submuscular plane.  This is why I strongly discourage all my augmentation patients to avoid chest exercises. Especially athletes.  As an athlete, you will have stronger muscles and will generate more force pushing the implant down-and-out. Continue to do these exercises for years, and you will inevitably push your implants out to the sides.   If you have a few minutes, please search my youtube channel. I demonstrate and discuss this exact issue.  

Hope that helps and best wishes!

And good luck on your competitions!

Dr Morales

ABPS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Houston, Tx

Shifting implants

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Thanks for your inquiry.  It is always hard to predict what weight loss, training etc may do to implants.  I am glad you are listening to your plastic surgeon.   Pectoral work can influence implant position and when you get "thinner" the implant may become more visible or palpable. Please discuss your concern with your plastic surgeon.

Will working out/training for a bikini show cause shifting of new breast implants?

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great question, no, take your PS advice and avoid any exercise that focuses on the pec. major muscle, but leaning down will not affect position and placement of your implants.Good luck in your contest!

Fitness show

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You have brought up a subject where there are diverse opinions. Implants in front of the muscle will look lke grapefruits when you pose. Implants behind the muscle will flatten when you pose and the cut of your muscle will be different secondary to the surgery. I strongly believe and have seen significant bottoming out of the submuscular implant due to heavy working of the pectoralis muscle after surgery. I would advise waiting till after your show if you plan to pose . It is better to avoid pectoralis toning then to need an operation to fix it.

Barry M. Schwartz, MD
Weston Plastic Surgeon

Training and Breast Implants

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Thank you for your question. Typically, it is not recommended to perform intense exercise, especially around the chest muscles, for at least 4-6 weeks after breast augmentation. In regards to cutting down body fat afterwards, make sure to continue to eat a healthy diet as you will still be healing after the surgery and your body will need adequate nutrition to heal properly. The appearance of the implants will depend on whether you plan to get saline versus silicone and on the location where the implants are placed (under or over the muscle. Silicone-filled implants are more natural looking than saline implants in patients with lower body fat percentage. Placement under the pectoral is muscle is also more natural in appearance. I would talk to your board-certified plastic surgeon about your concerns and pos-op recovery as he/she can guide you as you start your training. Good luck with your procedure.

Fitness and implants

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Rest assured that you may work out to your heart's content after your initial recovery and downtime.  Decreasing your body fat will make your implants more palpable (easy to feel) and more visible but it will not shift or change the implant pocket. 

I will point out however that patients who yo-yo diet and gain and lose significant amounts of weight will find that their skin will suffer from that cycle.  Over time with such changes, the skin and nipple position may droop and may make the implant/breast appear different and less projected.

Allow for healing before working out

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Intense exercise of the chest muscles should be stopped for 4-6 weeks after breast implant surgery.  Once you are healed, you can perform any exercise or work out you desire, the implants will not shift or move.  Follow your plastic surgeon's advice and you will be fine.

An important decision in body builders is the placement of the implants and the type of implants.  I do not recommend saline because they ripple and wrinkle too much when the body fat percentage drops, use silicone implants.  Under the muscle will hide the implants better than on top of the muscle, but if you are in a posing event, the implants will flatten and look "funny" when you flex your pectoralis muscles.  If you are not posing, then under the muscle is OK.

Good Luck!

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