Small hairs on hairline. The small hairs, can they grow back again or they are dead? (photos)

I have posted the close up pic of my hairline. I have been massaging my scalp on and off with natural oils, could this be the result of that? Also does blood circulation by cardio have an effect in scalp? Thank you very much in advance

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Small hairs on hair line

The leading frontal edge of a hair line has a transition zone of small vellus and small terminal hairs (normal hairs shafts) in single distributions and as the hairline moves back, more terminal hairs appear and larger groups from one to two and sometimes three hairs each. When you lose hair from generic recession, these terminal and vellus hairs get lost and are replaced by miniaturized hairs. When the hairs gets transplanted by an experienced surgeon, the surgeon looks to the smallest single hairs to be placed at the leading edge and creates a transition zone that mimics the natural state before balding or recession occurred. 

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