Seroma surgically removed- what is the recovery time? Was surgery necessary?

I was nearly a month out post op when my left breast starting hurting and swelling up and bruising. Immediately thought hemotosis, as did my doctor. So he did a quick surgery. Turns out it was a small seroma. Now I have a higher rate to contract capsular construction. Was this avoidable? Do I really have to start from day 1? Not in so much pain since the pocket was already formed.

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Seroma from breast surgery

Thank you for your question.  You should heal fine from the your description. Chances are not really high for capsular contracture unless a bacterial contamination. Please follow instructions from your PS.


If you had swelling and pain from a seroma, then it is reasonable to drain it.  Seromas can happen when we put implants into the breast and cannot be completely avoided.  Capsular contracture is likely a response from a small amount of bacteria on the implant, not from a seroma.  I would guess your recovery will be quicker form the second surgery because, as you said, the pocket has been formed.

Tyler C. Street, MD
Napa Plastic Surgeon

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