Can Septoplasty heal Silent Sinus Syndrome (Sunken eye)?

Hello One week ago, I had septoplasty to unblock the right side of my nose. While searching for the reason behind my asymmetrical eyes - The right eyeball has been always sunken -, I found out that silent sinus syndrome could be the reason behind it. I am planning to diagnose SSS with an ENT. But my question is: If I have SSS, could the septoplasty surgery I had one week ago improve my asymmetrical eye in the long run, or should I expect other proceeders? Thank you

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Silent Sinus Syndrome - A Rare Condition

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Silent Sinus Syndrome is a rare condition associated with a blocked maxillary sinus opening and subsequent negative sinus pressure which can cause orbital floor and sinus bony remodeling. A CT scan and complete ENT and Ophthalmology evaluation can establish the correct diagnosis, but there are many other causes of enophthlamos which need to be considered. The treatment for SSS is surgical and requires FESS maxillary antrostomy to correct the sinus obstruction and orbital reconstruction to restore orbital volume and rebuild the orbital floor. A septoplasty alone would not correct this condition. 

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