Question on tummy tuck skin necrosis. How much longer will this take to heal? (Photo)

Just wondering how much longer this will take to heal it is about 1 inch by .75 inches we are using silvadine twice a day and cleaning with water. This was side effect of tummy tuck. Done 4.5 weeks ago and has been debrided twice. See photos.

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Question on tummy tuck skin necrosis. How much longer will this take to heal?

I'm sorry to hear about the complication you have experienced;   these types of open wounds do occur occasionally and (with good care) tend to heal over the course of several weeks/month. Sometimes, as you know, the area may look worse before it looks better.  

These wounds go on to heal through a process of contraction where the tissues heal from the sides towards the center of the wound; occasionally, removal of unhealthy tissue (debridement) and/or removal of exposed sutures, may expedite the healing process. 


Wound care regimens will differ from one plastic surgeon to another. Generally, this will involve application of some type of sterile dressing ( in my practice I use a non-stick dressing covered by a sterile dressing).  Sometimes, for larger wounds, the use of a " vacuum assisted device" (VAC) may be very helpful.  

Also important to concentrate on a healthy diet, including good protein source.

Best wishes.

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While it is difficult to predict the exact timeline, your wound is likely to heal in the next 2-3 months depending on your regimen.  Please follow the instructions of your surgeon through the process.

Hope this helps.

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Time to heal completely is likely 4-6 weeks

Thanks for your question and the photos. Very sorry you are having these issues. Your wound looks very healthy and probably will be closed/sealed in about 4 weeks. I know it is frustrating but hang in there. Best of Luck!

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