Do I have an orbital fracture and can this be fixed? (photos)

About two years ago I was injured. For a while it hurt whenever it was touched on the upper inside corner of my eye. It's only very recently stopped hurting. But now I notice that my nose slides to the side and one of my eyes is now different than the other. Also one of my cheeks looks different now as well. Can this be fixed? Do I need to see a plastic surgeon or an ophthalmologist?

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Evaluation of Orbital Trauma

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A CT Scan can help identify an orbital fracture, even an old fracture. A comprehensive orbital exam performed by an orbital surgeon ( Oculoplastic surgeon ) can help identify the issue and determine treatment. The exam will include examination of your vision, pupils, eye movement, and ocular exam. There are many qualified Oculoplastic Surgeons with extensive experience in the evaluation and management of orbit fractures. Good luck. 

Vikram D. Durairaj, MD FACS
Austin, Tx

Austin Oculoplastic Surgeon

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