Is it normal to have intense pain from a drain following surgery?

I had a capsulectomy and lift on Friday, 11/4/16 and have had intense pain from the drain on my right side since then. Otherwise any discomfort would be completely acceptable, but the pain at the drain site is so severe I'm maxing out on meds, which I've never done before with any kind of surgery. It feels like a steel rod poking into my ribs - or a too-tight underwire bra sticking into me (even though I'm wear a light, stretch bra; if I didn't know better I'd think I had a broken rib.

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Pain after surgery

Intense pain that is not relieved by the use of medication needs to be addressed by your surgeon.  An assessment needs to be done to try to identify the pain source and try to get you some relief.  Drains typically do not cause intense pain.

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Is It Normal To Have Intense Pain From A Drain Following Breast Surgery?

It is neither normal nor abnormal to have one-sided pain at the drain site after breast surgery.  Very often, this pain is caused by whatever garment your surgeon puts on you after surgery and also the angle at which the drain is sutured to the skin, if in fact there are drain sutures.  

Post surgical drain site pain is an easily cured problem and I highly recommend you call your plastic surgeon immediately since taking excessive pain pills has its own set of complications, and relief of this anatomically based pain should be relatively simple.

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