New crown and now infection?

I had a crown put on a lower back molar about 6 weeks ago. The tooth has been sensitive to hot and cold since the crown was put on, there was no pain before the crown. Currently, I have a terrible jaw pain under the tooth, a swollen face and I had to go get an emergency root canal on the same tooth that JUST received a crown. Is that normal? Did the dentist who put the crown on do something wrong which caused a fast and vicious infection?

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Root canal needed after crown #DrSoftTouch

I'm sorry to hear that this happened. Any time a filling or crown is done, the tooth can react unfavorably and sometimes require a root canal. Unfortunately, this was the case with your tooth. The good news is, the pain will subside after having the root canal done. I hope this helps! Click "save" under my name, if you'd like to ask me more questions in the future.

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New Crown

First of all, I'm sorry about your experience. That is not a typical occurrence. Unfortunately, without seeing an x-ray It would be inappropriate for me to truly comment about the dentist doing something wrong. Chances are, there was a problem with the nerve before you started the crown. Actually doing the crown sort of kicked it over the edge, and the nerve began the process of dying. A dead nerve then creates a toothache and possible swelling from infection. I've seen that happen, though not as quickly as in your situation. The good news is, doing the root canal will stabilize the tooth and you'll be fine. I hope this helps!

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