Mid face or lower face lift? (photos)

I wonder if a mid face lift would benefit me more than a lower facelift. Also, I am a smoker and I would like to know the risks and the healing time.

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Mid Face Lift or Lower Face Lift?

Isolated Mid Face lifts have largely fallen out favor because they don't accomplish much, most people need more than just a mid face lift, and healing time is often overly long. A so called lower facelift would only correct the lower part of your face and most patients also need correction of their neck and mid face. Your photos indicate that you would benefit from correction of both your mid face and lower face, so it really is not a question of either/or but rather what would provide you the best overall result.

A well planned and well executed SMAS type facelift would provide the best correction of both areas along with the possible addition of autologous fat transfer to areas of volume loss in your mid and lower face. This type of approach would give you the most comprehensive and long lasting correction. So called "mini" face lifts only address limited areas of your face and the results are not long lasting. This is why they are called "mini".

Actively smoking during the time of your facelift procedure will increase your risks for skin necrosis and poor wound healing, which is why many surgeons will ask you to stop smoking for some period of time around your face lift procedure. If you have been a long term smoker (greater than 10 yrs) then stopping smoking will only lower but will not eliminate some the increased risk due to the long term effects of smoking on your tissues.

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Surgery options

When looking into a procedure like this, you need to see what is causing what you don't like in the mirror. The things that can be address surgically are the skin, the fat and the muscle. Definitely seek out a board certified plastic surgeon in your area with an expertise in Facial Aesthetics for a consultation and more details. From these pictures it is hard to say what your best options are.

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Best face lift?

Thank you for asking about your face lift.
  • You have lovely eyes but the lower face has become loose.
  • A SMAS face and neck lift is probably your best approach.
  • Mid face lift will not improve the lower face and neck.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Mid-face or Lower Facelift?

Hello.  Thank you for your question.  I don't think that a mid-face lift alone would do much for you and would require a long period of recovery with little benefit.  Although your photos provide a limited analysis, it appears as though you could benefit from some volume restoration in the midface with fillers or fat transfer.  That would augment the cheeks and soften the nasolabial folds and marionette lines.  If laxity in the neck and along the jawline is a concern for you, then a face/neck lift will likely be required to address those areas.  I would advise you to seek a consultation with a board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon specializing in facial rejuvenation and allow them to assess your anatomy, concerns and goals in order to determine the best treatment plan for you.  Best of luck to you in achieving your aesthetic goals.

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Both and one

I think you would be a great candidate for the High SMAS deep plane facelift. This allows vertical and very natural re-draping of the deep facial structures. It also does a nice job of elevating the mid face. You should seek out a surgeon ho is familiar with these advanced deep plane techniques. They offer a significant improvement with likely improved longevity.

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Mid face or lower face lift?

Thank you for your question-you look very young. There is a slight amount of jowlingf along the jaw line ands a Platysmaplasty (neck lift) as part of a full facelift is required to correct mid, upper and lower face and neck. Partial lifts are disappointing.

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Dear Kary76

Thank you for your question and photos!  The name of the procedure is not important- it is important that the changes that you would like are achieved.  Smoking adds risks to would healing delays and infection- and should be stopped 2 weeks prior to surgery and for 2 weeks post surgery.

With Warm Regards

Trevor M Born MD

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Difficult to assess with limited pictures. Smoking increases the risks of surgery.

Generally, a lower facelift will improve you cheek, jowl and nick areas.  A midface lift will improve your cheeks.  Both of these are surgical procedures.  You may benefit from filler to your mid face too.  Smoking increases the risk of facial surgery complications.

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What kind of facelift?

I will address the risk of smoking vis-à-vis facelifts first (no pun intended).  Nicotine is a potent agent which constricts blood flow to the skin, and most real facelifts will diminish the blood flow to the skin for a while. If you add the constriction from nicotine to skin that is already somewhat challenged by the operation, there can be skin loss, significant scarring and delayed healing. I generally will not do a facelift on an active smoker. Plus, continued smoking accelerates aging, so if you are going to invest in a facelift, protect your investment and get away from the nicotine. 

With respect to what kind of facelift to have, good advice depends on a good exam. Factors like skin quality, location of redundancy, volume considerations, skin and soft tissue mobility, neck muscle anatomy and other factors must be evaluated. It is worthwhile to search for a board certified plastic surgeon who can do such an evaluation. Also, if you have any doubt about your first consultation, do not hesitate to seek another.  It is usually money well spent, for peace of mind. I hope your experience is good. 

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Midface or Lower Facelift

Isolated midface lifts will elevate the cheek reasonably well, but do little elsewhere.  If you have concerns about  the lateral cheek and jowl, I would recommend a high smas facelift.  This provides elevation of the midface and lower face simultaneously, as one unit.  This type of elevation, I believe, provides not only a very natural facelift, but a much more effective lift than isolated or partial facelifts.  Smoking is a deal breaker for most surgeons.  We require at least 6 weeks of cessation of smoking prior to surgery.  Otherwise the risk of skin loss is 15 times greater

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