Can Korean style facial fat grafting be done in the US? (Photo)

I am young, but have lost a lot of weight & it has aged me. I would like facial fat grafting, but US doctors seem to be a lot more conservative with fat grafting & have a different technique. I am partial to the baby/ doll face look popularized in South Korea, specifically fat grafting to the forehead, cheeks, tear troughs, & creating "love bands" (fat band below lower eyelash line). Can this be done affordably in the United States? I will include photos of a Korean woman's before & after.

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Korean style fat grafting

The "Korean-style" fat grafting that you speak of can be done here in the US. The technique of fat harvesting and grafting is nearly identical. The difference is in how and wear the fat is used. As you have correctly stated, fat grafting is generally performed in younger age group in Korea. Doctors here in the US, including myself, routinely inject fat to forehead, temple, cheek and tear trough. We don't generally create "love bands" because not many patients request that here. However, it can be done. What you have to know also is that fat graft may not completely work the first time around so you may need additional grafting to achieve your aesthetic goal. As for affordability, you will find that the prices vary widely even in Korea depending on where you go. Thank you.

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