I have bump outside of lip area from filler done 8 months ago. Will adding more make that bump take longer to go down? (Photo)

I got lip filler done in march 2016 , I got one syringe done and after my lips looked great. I was told not to massage,I didn't go to my follow up appointment. And as time went by I noticed a bump on the outside of my lips on the upper side. It's an ball I can feel and I'm worried if I get more if that will dissolve or just take longer. I'm going to a different dr this time someone I trust more. Should I wait till it's completely desolves? Idk how much longer since it's been months now

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Bump after lip injection


It's better to dissolve the bump with special injection (Hylenex, Vitrase) and not to wait until dissolves itself. But make sure the doctor is experienced. 

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Lip filler

thank you for your question and photos. Your body doesn't know what's old filler and what's new filler. It's constantly dissolving whatever filler is there. Adding filler to area of the bump will not is not a good idea. Sometimes you can camouflage it. Discuss it with your doctor. Good luck

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Lip injection

I would recommend dissolving the bumps with Vitrase and not wait. You want to treat this as soon as possible.

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