I will have breast augmentation and mastopexy in a week. Will I loose nipple sensitivity?

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Sensation following a breast lift should be preserved

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Thanks for your question. I quote a 2% risk across the board for people having breast lifts (with our without an implant). Most people retain the sensation that they have preop, however it might take a full year to return. Best of Luck!

Sensitivity after breast augmentation with lift

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Hi, Bear13.
Although it would be impossible to predict your outcome 100%, most of my patients keep nipple sensation after breast augmentation and lift.  You may experience temporary numbness or hypersensitivity for several weeks to several month.  However, it can return to normal with time.
Please share your concern with your plastic surgeon and as each surgeon employs different surgical technique and thus different outcome.
Good luck with your surgery and recovery.

Will I have breast augmentation and mastopexy and lose nipple sensitivity?

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  • The national rate of loss of nipple sensitivity is approximately 15%. So, yes, it is a possibility. If you are extremely concerned about that, I would not proceed with your surgery. 

Loss of nipple sensitivity after breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question.

You may lose your nipple sensitivity, however we take precautions so this complication doesn't happen.     Before undergoing any surgical procedure, Its important to seek for a board certified plastic surgeon.

I hope my answer will help you to your question.

Jairo Ulerio, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Loss of nipple sensitivity after breast augmentation

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This is a great question. Unfortunately, yes there is always a risk you may lose some of your nipple sensitivity following a breast lift with augmentation. However, you can significantly reduce this risk by selecting a board certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience and expertise in these procedures. I urge you to have a conversation with the plastic surgeon you are scheduled to have surgery with next week so he/she can tell you more about the factors and risks with loss of nipple sensitivity. Good luck!

It is one of the risks

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Loss or impairment of nipple sensation is one of the risks of mastopexy and breast augmentation.  However it does not always happen. 

Breast aug and nipple sensation

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Thank you for your question. There is a chance you may loose sensation, most of the times it is temporary. You should check with your PS as it is depending on many factors.

Nipple Sensitivity

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Thank you for your question. My first recommendation is always to first ask the surgeon performing the operation these questions. The short answer is yes. Loss of nipple sensation or even the loss of nipple viability is possible with any breast surgery. The size of the implant and type of breast lift that is performed will have a varying impact on changes to your nipple.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

Nipple sensitivity

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The short answer is that with any breast surgery there is always a chance you will lose nipple sensitivity but it is by no means is 100%.  There are many factors that can cause loss of nipple sensitivity which you should discuss with your surgeon.

Nipple Sensation Loss

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Thank you for your question. Nipple sensitivity can be at higher risk of compromise with incisions around the areola. Factors such as the technique your surgeon uses, size of implant placed and your anatomy will make a difference. Many patients lose some sensation temporarily but most will have that return gradually over the first year. I recommend that you discuss these risks and concerns in detail with your Plastic Surgeon.

All the best

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