I got blurry vision after one year of Lasik treatment is that possible? (photo)

I had lasik surgery in both eyes on june5th 2015, since then i had no problem with the vision and my last check up was on may26th 2016 and my doctor said theres no problem and my eye vision is perfectly alright. Its then when i got stye in my right eye last week i sufferred for 3 to 4 days with the pain and by Thursday, i was relieved from stye but i had blurr vision and next day i went to doctor she said i have refractive error

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Vision change after LASIK

Although some people suggest that LASIK only lasts 10 years, this is not true.  LASIK is considered a permanent procedure.   From the attached prescription, it appears that you still have a refractive error (prescription).  As we age, we are less able to accommodate (focus especially on near objects). If you see well with the attached prescription, this is a good sign.   It is possible that you were able to focus through the prescription that you have and with aging, you are no longer able to do so.  Sometimes eye rubbing can cause astigmatism and warp the cornea over time.   Another option is dry eyes, a pterygium, regression of the treatment to cause progressive blur.  It is best to see your surgeon for his/her assessment and plan.  About 1-3% of patients can benefit from an enhancement can clear the vision. 

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