Cost of Rhinoplasty in Texas? Who is the best surgeon? (photos)

I'd like to fix my bump and make my tip smaller. How much will it cost? Is non-surgery procedure can be an option in my case?
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Thank you for your question and photos.  It appears that you are a worthy candidate for a rhinoplasty.  You should begin your search for a surgeon by looking at board certified plastic surgeons' websites, focusing primarily on before and after photos as well as patient reviews.  Then, schedule a consultation to be seen in person by the surgeon(s) for a physical evaluation as well as to discuss pricing.

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Cost of a Rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question about the coast of a rhinoplasty. There are 3 components that contribute to the total cost of a rhinoplasty. They are: the surgeons fee, the charges from the hospital or surgery canter, and the cost of anesthesia. Be careful that whenever you get a fee quote it should show the cost of all 3 fees or you may be charged more money than you expect. Cost varies from region to region and based on the skill and reputation of the surgeon. Younger less experienced doctors charge less because they are just getting started and want to build a practice. More senior surgeons who are busy and have long waiting lists of patients often times charge more. This is mot always true but for most cases is accurate.
Having a surgery in the doctors office is the least expensive way to get a rhinoplasty because you can avoid the third party fees of a hospital or surgery center but this may not be the safest way to have surgery. What type of safety systems, monitoring and nursing staff is available to help the doctor especially if an unforeseen emergency occurs.
The bottom line is to shop around and do not choose your doctor based on cost alone. Look at before and after photos. Evaluate the results and consider the safety of the facility where you will have your surgery. Get more than one quote and look at the reputation of the doctor. Make sure the doctor is a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon. Make sure the doctor does at least 30 or more rhinoplasys each year. This will help you find the right doctor for you and give you the best possible chance for pleasing result.

Eugene L. Alford, MD
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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