Should I get braces or would bonding fix my front two teeth? (photos)

If I was to get braces would I have them a long time or do my teeth not look that bad. Nothing bothers me about my teeth just my little gap and the fact that one tooths a little crooket.

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Class 3

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u have a class III mal-occlusion [ lower teeth ahead]. in that only option is braces. but as u said you r comfortable with that and yr only concern is mid line spacing in that u can go for filling or veneers. there r chances of discolouration with time in filling. porcelain veneers is best option.

Bonding or braces

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Hi, thanks for sending you question. Its important to note that although bonding can help close the gaps cosmetically on the front teeth I would recommend for you to consider orthodontics using clear aligners, like the invisalign. It would help relieve the lower crowding that is present and can help align ALL your upper teeth as well as you bite.

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