The bottoms of my breasts have a scalloped shape. I'm 3 months post-op with silicone implants. Will this change? (Photo)

I notice especially when I reach my arms over my head that it looks like the implants have dropped but that the tissue around my nipples has not rounded out. This is much more prominent on one breast. Will this change? Will anything encourage this process?

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Constriction of Old Breast Fold

Dear GingerGab,

What you are looking at on profile is the remaining constriction of your old breast fold. If your surgeon measures the distance from the nipple to your previous fold at the time of your consultation I am sure if you measure it again today you will see that that represents the old fold. This tends to improve over the course of a year. Also, some people have a particularly “tight fold” that preoperatively can be recognized as giving a more prominent scalloping. On those patients, I like to score the breast tissue from the inside with radial scoring to try to help round out and expand that.

I hope this has been helpful.

Robert D. Wilcox, MD

Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Constriction/contour irregularity


Thank you for your question and photos. It would be best to discuss the reasons for this and expectations for improvement in person with your Plastic Surgeon. It may improve over time but you will need to be examined in person.

All the best 

Jerome Edelstein, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Postop results may be secondary to preop shape

Thank you for your question. Without seeing  preop photos it is hard to say. Sometimes in a tuberous or constricted breast the crease is lowered intentionally. The "double bubble" that has been referred to is when the bottom of the implant is below the original IMF crease. Your surgeon will be able to explain whether this is an expected outcome in your case and the likely changes over the next several months. Best of Luck!

M. Scott Haydon, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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The bottoms of my breasts have a scalloped shape. I'm 3 months post-op with silicone implants.

Thank you for your question.  The shape that you're referring to could be a result of the implant extending below your breast crease, possibly resulting in a double bubble.  Be sure to discuss this issue with your surgeon as there are corrective options available to fix this.  Make sure that your surgeon is an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck.

Zachary Farris, MD, FACS
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Unhappy with post op appearance

Thanks for submitting your question.

if you're shape is continuing to evolve - be patient. If this is how it's been with no change - you should return to your surgeon to ask about what might be done.

if you want a second opinion, it will be very helpful to know what were your original breast measurements, what size implants were used, and what were
your goals with the first operation

always seek out a board certified plastic surgeon and good luck!

Michael A. Baumholtz, MD, FACS
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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The bottoms of my breasts have a scalloped shape. I'm 3 months post-op with silicone implants. Will this change?

Thank you for your question and photographed.  The scalloped shape that he refer to may be the breast implant extending below your inframammary crease.  This could be double bubble.  Please see her plastic surgeon for an examination and diagnosis and possible treatment.

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