Am I bottoming out and will my breasts eventually even out? (photos)

I had my BA approx 3 months ago and I have been concerned with my left breast being lower than my right since about 3 weeks post op. Ps said breast drop at different paces so I was patient until now they are just too uneven and I even fear that I may be bottoming out on my left breast. Is that the case or was my crease just lowered too much on that one breast? I have another follow up appt in a week and will definitely bring it up again but would like to have some better insight on what could be going on.

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Are Breasts "Bottoming Out"?

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Great question and photos which show before and afters. It appears that you did have some sagging prior to the augmentation. The addition of breast implants magnifies things and sometimes you notice differences which were more easily missed before. It does not appear that you are bottoming out. It appears that the left breast, which was lower prior to augmentation, is also a tiny bit lower post augmentation. You can address this with your surgeon at your follow up visit to see what options are available if it bothers you, but it appears you have a nice result.

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Am I bottoming out?

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Thank you for your question and photos.  From your pre-op photo, you have a small asymmetry and a little bit of sag to the breasts.  You had large implants placed and now have some stretch and sag of the breast skin.  You do not appear to have "bottoming out" itself.  

Brian C. Reuben, MD
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Asymmetry of Breasts post BAM

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Hi JaneLooking at your preop pics, I see some asymmetry.  The right breast is lower set and slightly larger.  In the first pic, this is also noted, but somewhat more asymmetrical.  On the final pic, I can't judge because of angle of the photo and the fact that your shirt is on.
I think the right breast still looks larger.  Preop, the nipples are low and it appears that they are low, and may benefit from a lift (not recommended if you are happy with the current position however), which can also address the asymmetry.
I don't see this as a bottoming out issue.
All the best.

Am I bottoming out and will my breasts eventually even out?

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From the photo, it does appear that your left breast has settled more than the right.  It does not appear to be "bottoming out".  I would recommend that you consider a compression strap over the right side to stretch the pocket/muscle on the right to encourage that side to settle to match the left.  This may or may not help since it has already been 3 months, but it certainly wouldn't hurt!  It takes from 6-12 months for final results, so I would try to be patient, if after 6 months to a year you still are not symmetric, you may need a revision.

Amy T. Bandy, DO, FACS
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Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation

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Your left side may have settled a little faster than the right. It's hard to see crease heights from the photos supplied. Keep you plastic surgeon notified about your concerns. Some settling may occur for as long as a year on some patients. 


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Thank you for your question and photos. It appears that your left breast is slightly larger. It may be that your implant has settled lower on that side. I recommend that you visit your Plastic Surgeon and have them evaluate the differences in person.
All the best

Breast asymmetry

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Thanks for your inquiry, but without an in exam person it is hard to advise.  I see your concern and see some differences on your breast pre-op as well.  I would continue to follow up with your surgeon and not consider a revision for at least the 6 month mark.

Am I bottoming out and will my breasts eventually even out?

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Thank you for your question. It is hard to comment because of inadequate pictures. There appears to be slight volume difference. I would recommend you wait 6 months and most of the time things will settle. Please also express your concerns to your PS

Asymmetry is magnified by large implant

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Thanks for your question and the photos. You appear to have a volume asymmetry as well as a slight implant malposition. I'm sure this is a function of having chosen such a large implant that is bigger than the base diameter of your breast. This will need time to settle out. I would personally wait a minimum of 6 months to allow things to settle out and stabilize. Best of Luck!

M. Scott Haydon, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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