20 Botched, Loose, Crooked Dental Crowns. Cannot chew food, -40lbs in 2 months.

How long before the natural teeth deteriorate? I was foolish and my vanity "ugly duckling syndrome" got the best of me. I wanted to experience what it felt like to finally be able to have pretty white straight teeth. Instead, I was Butchered & BaitSwitched in MX. I've had abcesses, my bite is off and I cannot chew food. When I've tried to chew, I've had 2 crowns fall out. My question is, How long do I have before the teeth underneath are damaged? I cannot afford to replace. What can I do to keep the original teeth safe for the next 1-2yrs?

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Hello there,
I'm sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience.  The upside to traveling outside of the U.S. for dental work is that it is a lot cheaper, but the downside is that you may get poorer quality results that you will have to live with for years to come. Unfortunately, if your crowns are falling out there is no guarantee the underlying tooth structure will last. I would recommend seeing an experienced dentist as soon as possible to determine your options. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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Rebuilding or creating a new smile

Some people feel they're only answer forRebuilding or creating a new smile  is to go out of the country. Unfortunately some of the dentist in Mexico are not as qualified as needed to provide the necessary dental services. A third of our patients a year or remakes from foreign  dentistry. Some people feel they have to go out of the country to get dentistry they can afford.    It is unfortunate but long-term it often cost the patients more to get what they want we always feel it is better to provide affordable pricing and treatment options then have a patient go to Mexico or another Third World destination for services We are not criticizing any foreign dentist or their abilities but like in the US, all dentists are not created equal.    There are many great dentist throughout the world unfortunately you may have met the wrong one.   If your teeth are loose in the crowns are falling out there is no guarantee the underlying tooth structure will last. You should seek the care of a qualified dentist in your area or a dental school in your area to Evaluate your current needs

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Fixing dental crowns

Dental tourism is a good and affordable option for thousands of people around the world but unfortunately the outcomes are not as expected, also false information, and attractive offers should be taken in consideration also reviews sometimes could be false in most of dental tourism websites. As far as your actual crowns besides the aesthetic factor, has proper fitting, doesnt have any leak and the retaining teeth have sufficient structure and are not devitalized they should be ok for decades, but it will depend on occlusion and method of preparation of retaining teeth, so it is difficult to make a prognosis in your specific case.One recommendation is to receive in the future treatments with a doctor that uses CAD/CAM technology (which can show you the crowns design on a computer before being manufactured) and works with recognized dental labs and materials. In my office for example we use USA dental labs, not all dental tourism providers are the same. Im so sorry go had such bad experience. 

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If dental crowns are bonded well, should last several years

Unfortunately, we have no idea what is underneath the porcelain and cannot state for sure any prognosis. A risk to foreign dental tourism is any type of recourse, and if presented with this in MY office would require an entire redo, assuming it COULD be redone.  It is possible that the teeth are so damaged that they cannot be saved and will require removal.  At that point, dentures or implants (or some combination) will be needed.This will be a significant investment of both time and money.

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Dental concerns

I am so sorry to hear about your awful experience having dentistry done in Mexico. The problem with having work done in a foreign country is there is no way to control the quality of work being done. Unfortunately there is no way to give you an answer as to how quickly your teeth will deteriorate. One option to consider is to look into becoming a patient at the dental school in San Antonio. The school takes patients at a reduced rate to private practice. It won't be as fast a result as going to a private dentist. You will need to travel to San Antonio. It will be more cost effective. If you choose to find a private practice in Austin I suggest you consider finding a dentist with a lot of experience in full mouth reconstruction or a prosthodontist. It is going to be more difficult to get you back to your ideal jaw position now that your teeth have been destroyed. Hang in there, but i would start taking baby steps and going for a consultation, even if it takes two years to complete the work. 

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