2 Months Post Botox my Eyelids Are Hooded (Sagging) and Very Uneven. Will It Resolve? (photo)

Anything I Can Do to Make It Look Better? 1 yr ago, first treat at 38 y/o on my forehead and around eyes. My brows dropped and my eyelids become very swollen, 9 mths later above my brows were still puffing up in a very unnatural way when I smiled and my eyelids creased and looked years older. The Derm who administered told me my muscles had "atrophied.". In an attempt to stop the brows from puffing up he treated both eye-lids below the brow, 2 months later my eyes look like this. Could this be permanent? Is it too late to try Lipodine?

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Hooded eyelids after Botox

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Yes it should be resolved when the Botox effect goes away. It should take about one ,more month.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Not sure about your results

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I am sorry you are unhappy with the results of your botox.  I am not clear exactly what is going on.  After a max of 5 months, you botox had worn off.  At nine months after your first injection, there is no effect from the botox.  I think you should see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and get another opinion.

Gordon Lewis, MD
Midlothian Plastic Surgeon
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Eyelids are sagging after Botox

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You can try the prescription eyedrops at any point, so no it's not too late. However, I am very confused that your derm said your brows had atrophied - after only one treatment of Botox??? Without knowing your dosage or injection technique, it's hard to comment exactly, but I would say that muscle atrophy in this area is darn near impossible after only one treatment of Botox. I have patients who get Botox injections every 3-4 months and have for a decade, and they don't have muscle atrophy like you are describing. Can you post pre photos? Botox isn't permanent, so your results will wear off.

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