11days post-op, lots of pain around incisions. Doctor recommended using micropore tape replaced every 5-7 days, can I switch?

I'm curious what benefits there are to this tape and what is causing the sharp, needle like pain. It stopped when I removed the tape, started again when I replaced it. I don't think I'm reacting to it though, no rash. What risks would there be to switching to silicone sheets? I have those already. It's the pain from the points of the internal sutures? The nurse looked at the incisions and was not concerned, she has been super but I worry about bugging them with all my questions.

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Incision pain

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Hello, if you are having ongoing pain and you are worried that it could be due to the micropore tape, I think your surgeon would want to know.  Silicone sheets are usually a very good option for surgical scars but they would need to tell you when you can start using them.

Tape after surgery

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Tape application has been shown to improve scars.  Please do not switch scar regimen without first discussing with your surgeon.  If your wound is well healed, silicone sheeting should be an option, good luck. 

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