11 Months Post-Breast Augmentation Slight Crease Pain? (Photos)

I had 350cc under the muscle silicone implants about 11 months ago. There was a lot of stretching but things seemed to be going well with no pain. Recently have had slight pain on the left side outside crease near the end of the scar. Haven't had any issues with the right side. Is this something to worry about with the results that I've got?

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Great result. Pain probably not a sign of a problem

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Thanks for your question and the photos. Although the quality of the photos is not great, you appear to have a good result with implants that are in good position and proportionate for your frame. Since you are almost a year out, the likelihood is that you just stretched something. Shouldn't be anything to worry about, but check with your surgeon if it doesn't resolve. Best of Luck!

Pain after augmentation

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This is likely nothing to be concerned about, but I would definitely recommend checking with your plastic surgeon.  He or she may be able to recommend options to relieve your symptoms.

11 Months Post-Breast Augmentation Slight Crease Pain?

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Based on the pictures supplied, your results seem reasonably good. The pain you describe cold be caused from several things. Part of it may be simply the progress of healing that normally occurs. Aches and pains from healing can occur for up to a year after the surgery. There may also be a few bands of scar tissue which are being stretched as healing progresses. It is also possible that you have have slightly torn the capsule around the implant, which can occur through some sort of trauma or possibly just from minor things like working out. Capsular contractures are always possible, but unlikely in your case.

Best thing to do is to check with your plastic surgeon and see if anything warrants further evaluation.


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Thank you for your question. Picture quality is suboptimal. Because it is a new onset pain, I recommend to see your PS for evaluation. 

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