How do my son's ears look? (photo)

My son was born with a lop ear. Our Ped advised us not to splint at birth and he's 18mo old now. The Ear Buddies website says that they can still work up to 2yo. We took him to a local ENT and he said splint success rate is only 40% now and that we should just get surgery at 5 if it bothers us. He thinks it looks fine though. Should I push back?

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How do my son's ears look?

You could try splinting. If it does not work, this can be surgically improved later if desired.

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How do my son's ears look?

I would be surprised if splinting would change the projection of the upper pole of your son's ear at this age. However, if you want to go down that route, the only risk is that it won't work. It shouldn't make the projection any more prominent and shouldn't create any other issues. Otherwise, you're correct that your son will need to wait until he's a few years older before pursuing a surgical correction. I hope this information is helpful.

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Lop ears

The original paper on correction of prominent ears by taping and splinting came from Japan, with good success. Even at 40% success that is worth it

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