My sister and I have been told that because we have permanent eyeliner, we will never be able to have this surgery. Is it true?

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Permanent Eyeliner issues

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LoKuri16, there is no contraindication to having eyelid surgery.  Keep in mind, however, if your eyeliner is really wide (high), lid surgery may expose more of the tatoo.  Hope this helps.  Cheers

Honolulu Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Heck no, that's not true.

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Unless the eyeliner is very very thick or you are scared from it you should be able to have the surgery.  SO many of my patients have tattooed eyeliner and have the surgery.  You may not like the way the eyeliner looks or you may need to remove it and redo it after surgery  but eyeliner isn't a physical limitation when it comes to Asian eyelid surgery.

Chase Lay, MD
Asian eyelid surgery specialist.

Chase Lay, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Double Eyelids Surgery

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Dear. Customer.

Hello, Customer!
Thank you for your inquiry.
You can get a double eyelid surgery eventhough you have permanent eyeliner.
But pleae keep in mind that the remained eyeliner can be exposed more in visible due to the removal of skin and changed postion of dobule eyelids after the surgery procedure.

Thank You
From. Dr.JinSung Kim

Jin-Sung Kim, MD
South Korea Plastic Surgeon

Can I have Asian eyelid surgery even though I have eyeliner tattoo.

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You can definitely be a candidate for surgery despite the tattoo. But special considerations and planning should be part of the process. 

Jeffrey M. Joseph, MD
Newport Beach Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Eyeliner tattoo and Asian blepharoplasty

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That's not true!  Having eyeliner tattoo is not a contraindication to having Asian eyelid surgery.  However, patients have to understand that often times the eyeliner tattoo may become more visible after eyelid surgery because there is more pretarsal show after surgery.  Hope that helps!

Goretti H. Taghva MD

Goretti Ho Taghva, MD
Mission Viejo Plastic Surgeon
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