Cause of sever upper abdominal distention 8 years after an abdominalplasty? Who can diagnose this and what tests do I need?

when my stomach is flat upon waking you can see my stomach muscles. exercise and eating can cause it to distend within seconds or a few minutes, making my stomach hard as a brick and as though I am 6 months pregnant! Sometimes it happens from standing too long. This happens on a daily basis. It is not IBS has I have no gas or diarreaha etc.

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Abdominal dust entire 8 years after tummy tuck

Thank you for the question. It is quite unusual for the upper abdomen muscle clsure to open up tha far out from surgery. I would see your plastic surgeon and possibly a general surgeon as well. Good luck. 

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Upper abdominal distention

It might be possible that the sutures that had tightened the upper tummy area broke. Usually enough scar tissue forms that prevent this from happening but it certainly can happen in the first few months. You need a good exam.

Ronald Schuster, MD
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