Is this normal for a lipoma?

I have a giant possible lipoma on the posterior side of my shoulder. It has grown very quickly, and has stretch marks. I did an ultra sound and meet with the general surgeon tuesday, but i have been noticing that it has been feeling odd. Its warm to touch, and the surrounding skin feels like i have icy hot on. I woke up this morning with pain all down my arm and in my hand that feels like carple tunnel. Should i wait or should i call the doctor now? What could be going on?

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Is this normal for a lipoma?

Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of your multiple symptoms.  A lipoma is an overgrowth of one, or a few, fat cells in the body.  They typically do not cause any symptoms outside of a contour irregularity and occasional tenderness or pain.  They do not cause the overlying skin to get warm or have icy hot feelings or carpal tunney symptoms. Because of the possibility of an infection I would advise seeing your surgeon or family doctor to ensure that all is well.  You may have an inclusion/sebaceous cyst causing your back issues.  Hope this helps. 

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