What is 4 on all? I'm a single mom and grand mother husband past suddenly no insurance have to pay out of pocket.

I have a calcium problem 3 should be 36 my teeth are slowly chipping awayall I get are pictures and no straight answer on a full mouth of implants. Can one of these doctors do that!! Ithe I do have are crumbling so can you help or I'll just do dentures and get a straight answer like I said I'm on a stick budget and public aid won't help with your implants and I don't have time to waste on your testimonials please straight answer would be nice!! Desperately seeking teeth thank you. 

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Straight answer!

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Sorry for your loss. In our office full implant treatment is approximately $10-15,000 per arch... Its almost impossible for anyone to give you an exact figure until you go in for a comlete exam, but hopefully this gives you a range.

All on 4, or snap indentures,

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You have several solutions, but one that is very affordable, is the snap indentures, you will have great result, and amazing way of improve your teeth and smile. all on 4, is great also but is more expensive, you should have 2 quotes, and you will have amazing results, going to love your teeth.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

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Hi, thank you for your question. I see that you're interested in the All-on-4 procedure. The All-on-4 is a specific procedure for those who are losing all of their teeth in one arch or in both, and we use only 4 implants to replace pre-molar to pre-molar teeth in the entire arch. This is a very efficient and cost saving way to replace an arch of teeth. There are ways of financing this type of treatment so that it can be affordable to you and I would recommend if you are losing your teeth to seek a dental implant option instead of a set of dentures. Dentures are detrimental to your gums and bone health. Full dental implants are much more convenient than dentures, avoiding many of the annoying issues that removable false teeth are prone to. I would suggest you have an assessment of your oral health and treatment need by a periodontist. The entire procedure is typically completed in one office visit with the use of IV sedation for a comfortable experience. Good luck!

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