I had butt implants put in about 5 years ago; will they sag overtime if they were put in over the muscle? (Photos)

I wanted to know if over time they would sag, because they were put in over the muscle, also based on your experience how does this surgery look to you? is this how they are supposed to be? if you can please let me know thank you

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Buttock augmentation

There are different depths an implant can be placed in.  Your implant seems to be placed too superficially. This can be fixed by putting the implants in a deeper plane.  We can use the same implants to offset cost. 

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Butt Implants

Thank you for your question, and the picture.

Because you had your implants placed overtop the muscle, over time you are at risk for being able to see the implant edges more and more, and for the implant to move/shift/flip as the support of the pocket weakens.  You may want to consider having the implants moved to a position inside the muscle.  I recommend consulting with a local plastic surgeon who has experience with these revision surgeries.


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Implants over the muscle

Implants over the muscle are prone to being visible around the edges like yours are; I would replace them from over the muscle to in the muscle where they are supposed to be; I would recommend a revision to get them in the right pocket before they sag and become even more visible. Please visit link for assistance with out of town accomodations.

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