Breast lift & implants on Aug 19; pain is terrible, incisions burning with a sharp pain. Is this normal at all? (Photos)

Is that normal for post of op 2

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Post operative pain

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Discomfort is still expected two days after surgery.  If you have been taking your pain medication and your pain does not lessen from it, you need to contact your surgeon.  You may also find relief from other things such as different positions or support garments.  Contact your surgeon for more information.

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Incision pain after breast augmentation with lift. Is this normal?

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As great a resource that RealSelf is for general information, it should really not be used in lieu of communication with your treating surgeon.  This type of question should really be addressed directly to your Plastic Surgeon so that he/she can see if this is truly normal or if you should be concerned.
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Breast pain

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At only a few days after surgery, some pain is normal but you need to discuss your pain with your plastic surgeon. I hope this is all normal healing and good luck.  

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