Question about swelling. Is this normal after arm surgery?

I had my arm lift Aug 23/2016. I had a few hurdles to overcome when my left arm came open in a few places with one having to pack for roughly 4 wks. Just around 3.5 wks ago my left hand started to swell and has some pain. Is this normal for after arm lift surgery or is this something I need to see my family Dr. for?

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Question about swelling. Is this normal after arm surgery?

Swelling after the procedure is normal, but new swelling with pain should be evaluated.  As others have stated, I would contact your surgeon so that you can be examined.  Advice would be hard to give without pictures or an examination.

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Hand swelling after surgery

Thank you for your question.

You can see some hand swelling after the surgery in the first few weeks. It looks like you are about 2.5 months out, the swelling may be related to the wounds. The best thing to do would be to notify your surgeon so they can eval in person. Good luck with healing.

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Swelling in the arms?

Hi and thanks for this question. I am not sure if the open wounds and the new edema is related, but I believe you're better off seeing your plastic surgeon about the issues you mentioned. If they're not available soon, then proceed with seeing your family doctor or seek help from another professional. Best, Dr. ALDO :)

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