What is the price of the butt implants and recovery time?

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México Plastic Surgeons : Prices and options

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If you truly want to increase your buttocks and hip measurements, butt implants is the best idea to achieve this goal. 

There are good Plastic Surgeons and specialists in every country. Many people travel for surgery abroad and not only because it's cheap. México is famous for Plastic Surgery.

When choosing a Plastic Surgeon: Make sure that you have a good repport with your surgeon. He needs to understand your esthetics, your specific needs and concerns and you need to feel that he would be able to give you what you want.

Every surgeon has a different style; look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries. These images will help you to better visualize the procedure for yourself.

Higher price does not mean more skill.

When searching internationally for a doctor, you may discover a wide variance in price. A lower price does not automatically mean lower quality, but could simply indicate a different economic environment from the one you are in -and may be reflected in price of all commodities and services. Rather than initially basing your decision on price, consider first reviewing the surgeon’s profile, credentials, years of experience, and before and after photos for people with similar concerns. Then, factor in the differences in price between North American, Latin American, European and Asian countries.

The recovery time is approximately 2 weeks.

Price for buttocks implants $5.500.00

Orlando Figueroa Cerpa, M.D.

Tijuana, México Plastic Surgeon

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Recovery time for buttock augmentation with implants

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Recovery time after buttock implants is approximately 4 weeks. I have my patients not return to work for four weeks, because if they do go back sooner, they are at risk for increased complications.  Hope that helps.

Joshua Korman, MD
Mountain View Plastic Surgeon
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