What is a safe supplement to take for weight loss 5 weeks pre-op. I was told not to take adipex.

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Diet and Exercise

There are no safe medications for weight loss prior to surgery. These medications can be very harmful to your heart and cause fatal interactions when undergoing general anesthesia. Please disclose all your medications to your healthcare provider.

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Supplements and surgery

Most surgeons will recommend stopping all supplements before surgery.  Best to ask yours....................

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Dieting prior to surgery

thank you for your question. We tend to ask our patients to reframe from adipex for a few weeks before surgery as well. It just has a compounded effect with the anesthesia on the heart. It would be best to check with your surgeon as each office has their own regimen and would hate for any advice here to conflict with your surgeons recomendations. Good luck.

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What is a safe supplement to take for weight loss 5 weeks pre-op. I was told not to take adipex.

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well... It will be better for you to have a healhty diet, you will have better results. And if you want to lose weight by pills, or supplements, I recommend you to consult with your primary doctor.

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Diet supplement before surgery

This question is best to discuss with your surgeon as he/she will have specific preferences. Most of us will have you stop all supplements prior to surgery. The best way to loose weight before surgery is to increase your exercise and cut calories. Good luck. 

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