Will Augmented Breasts Smoothen out Eventually?

I had a Breast augmentation with a benelli lift 5 weeks ago. My implants are silicone and was placed using dual plane technique. I am concerned because when I lift my arms up, flex my pec muscles, lay down and sometimes even when I am just standing up I can see where my muscle is covering the implant, like a separation.

I have discussed this with my doctor and he says it will "smooth out" eventually, but may take 6 months. I won't even have sex without my shirt on because of this. Help!

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Can see muscle edge after augmentation

It is hard to say without seeing pictures. In some patients, you can see the edge of the muscle. It looks like an indentation across the breast. Some people notice it when they flex their pectoralis muscle. It sounds like you may have this situation. 5 weeks post-op is very early. I would wait at least 3 months and then reassess.

If this is the problem and it persists, then the way to improve it is to place the implant on top of the muscle. If you are very thin, you may not be a candidate for this. In thin patients, with the implant on top of the muscle, you are more prone to seeing visible rippling and the implant edge, on the upper and inner part of the implant.

Discuss it with your plastic surgeon and be patient. It is not a good idea to rush into additional surgery without waiting a significant amount of time.

Hope this helps.

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In thin patients implant visibility can be a problem

Hard to say without photos...

But in thin patients implant visibility can be a problem, especially with your arms raised, which tightens the skin even more and exposes the undersurface of the breast. Leaning forward can also allow the edge of the breast implant to be seen or felt in some cases.

Your doctor used the muscle to cover the implant and used a soft gel implant which are good choices to hide the implant and lower muscle border. I agree with waiting this out, and realize that some evidence of surgery may remain seeing as you had a lift and augmentation.

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