Will Augmentation Solve my Sagging Problem? (photo)

Based on the pictures provided, will a breast aug alone give me good results? I have been to one consultation before where the surgeon suggested I get a breast lift with a small implant. I'm just wondering what procedure would be best for me. I would like my breast to sit a little higher, will an augmentation provide this for me or should i consider a breast lift , or maybe both ? Please help! I'm 22 with no children and very self conscious about my breast

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Breast Augmentation and Sagging

Although photos provide limited information to form a recommendation, it does appear that you are a good candidate for a mastopexy, or breast lift.  You are young, and you'll find that the effect of gravity plus the passing years (on your skin tone) will cause further sagging.  Were you to get implants without a lift, you would simply be adding extra weight and accelerating the process without boosting your breasts upward.

You already have a good amount of breast tissue and you may find that a breast uplift alone will give you the results you're seeking.  If not, a small implant will help with fullness in the upper pole.

Don't despair over the prospect of a breast lift!  Mastopexy is not much more invasive than breast augmentation, if at all.  A breast lift is a relatively straightforward operation and in the hands of an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon you should be pleased with the outcome.

Elliot Jacobs, M.D.

New York Plastic Surgeon

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Will Augmentation Solve my Sagging Problem? (photo)

After see your pictures and your desired pictures. I feel that a lift is necessary to reposition the nipple and areola. You can choose to do it with or without implant, but implant without lifting definitely is not a good idea, because they will make your breasts look larger and ptotic or falls.

Walkiris Robles, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Augmentation Is Not a Solution To Sagging Breasts!

Your photos indicate that your breast sagging, known as breast ptosis, which will not improve with breast augmentation alone.  Mastopexy, Breast Lift, is necessary.  Breast lift may result in mild decrease in breast size due to the removal of excess breast skin and the tightening effect on the breasts.  Augmentation with an implant may may be combined with the Mastopexy if a fuller breast is desired.  Since you already have natural breast volume, you would be a good candidate either for a saline or silicone implant.  The silicone shaped implants are also available.  The amount of upper pole volume desired will determine the choice between round or shaped implants.  There are solutions available.  Have confidence and Best Wishes!

Victoria Yongsook Suh, MD
Fairfax Plastic Surgeon
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Lift or Augmentation or Both?

Breast augmentation alone will not produce the results for you that are depicted in the accompanying picture.  A breast lift will be required to lift the breast tissue and nipple above the below-the-breast crease, equalize breast size, decrease the size of the areolas, and improve the breast shape.  Think of a breast lift as really a breast push that creates a new "push-up bra" for the breasts using the skin.  If you desire more fullness in the upper part of the breasts, implants will be required.

Philip E. Fleming, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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Will Augmentation Solve my Sagging Problem?

You would benefit from a breast lift combined with a small implant or a breast lift alone depending on the amount of volume you desire. The amount of droop (ptosis) that you have in your breast cannot be corrected with implants alone.

Wesley T. Myers, M.D. P.A.
Conroe, TX 77304

Wesley T. Myers, MD
Conroe Plastic Surgeon
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Need a breast lift for sagging breasts

Unfortunately you have too much breast sagging for a breast augmentation to give you the results that you desire.  To achieve these results you need a vertical mastopexy and repositioning of the breast tissue that is below the crease to fill in the upper quadrant and central portion of the breast. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Sagging breasts, implants and your desired results:

I agree that you will need a breast lift to achieve what you are looking for.  The lift is what will enable the surgeon to reshape the breast and reposition the nipples.  The implant will provide additional volume and fullness to the upper portion of the breast.  The lift can be performed with or without the implant depending on your desired results.  Placing just an implant alone will likely give you an undesirable shape with the implants sitting above the nipple and the breast tissue "falling" off the implant.

Jason Altman, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Ptosis (sagging) of the breast requires a breast lift (mastopexy) to correct the shape of your breast

Your photo shows that your nipple areolar complex is well below the infra mammary crease. To correct the drooping (ptosis) of your breast will require a breast lift (mastopexy). This is where the nipple areolar complex is elevated to the level of the crease and the breast is reshaped and reattached higher on your chest wall to give you a more  shapely elevated breast. This can be done with or with out a breast implant. The decision to have an implant would be based on your desire to have not only a lifted but bigger breast. There are good surgical techniques that can give you much improved upper pole fullness with out an implant. If you want bigger breasts in addition to the lift then it would be appropriate to place the implants at the same operation. With the amount of breast tissue thickness it appears you have in the upper portion of your breast I believe that a sub mammary (under your breast in front of the muscle) textured silicone gel mammary high profile implant would  be best. 

The breast lift (mastopexy) will require a scar around your nipple areolar complex and down the front of your breast at least. It might and probably will be necessary to place an additional incision on the bottom of you breast if the distance from your infra mammary crease to the new position of your nipple areolar complex. If you don't want larger breast but just want them lifted make sure you find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with experience in Mastopexy. Make sure to see photos of the before and afters of mastopexy alone and with implants. 

Carl W. "Rick" Lentz III, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Will Augmentation Solve my Sagging Problem?

No, you definitely need a breast lift to correct the position of the nipples. If you are happy with the size of your breasts, you can do a lift alone.  However, if you want more fullness on top part of breasts or a larger size, then you would need a lift with implants.

Implants alone do not lift the breasts.

Rigo Mendoza, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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Will implants correct sagging breasts?

Implants are ONLY designed to add volume to the breasts.  They will NOT lift a breast.  To do that requires a breast lift procedure with or without the addition of implants to add more volume.  Assuming yours is the picture on the left and the one on the right is your goal, a lift will be necessary to achieve this look.

Edwin C. Pound, III, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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