How Hard is it to Remove or Adjust a Medpor to Allor for Augmentation of Nose?

hi i would like to know what exactly is the limit to augmenting the nose top to tip?. i had a bad rhino yrs ago and flattened my ethnic nose alot. so now i have a medpor implant and a strut in. however i went to get a second opinion and my doctor said that if i once had a more projected nose that mean my skin will allow me to get that. however when i pinch the skin on my brigde it doesnt allow for much augmentation? or is that way of knowing false?. and how hard is it to remove or adjust a medpr

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How Hard is it to Remove or Adjust a Medpor to Allor for Augmentation of Nose?

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 No, perhaps you misunderstood what the Rhinoplasty Surgeon meant.  Nasal skin will contract if the skeletal structure is reduced making it more difficult to re-build the nasal dorsum.  A straight silastic dorsal implant along with conchal cartilage ear graft to the the nasal tip through an oipen or closed Rhinoplasty would most likely be required.  The existing medopore implant may or may not be able to be removed.

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Nasal Augmentation with Medpor

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Medpor is notoriously difficult to remove, however not impossible. Depending on how it was placed, it may have caused soft tissue or bony atrophy which can make a revision more difficult. It's also difficult to make recommendations without actually looking  and examining your nose. I have taken out many dorsal implant from medpor to rib to gortex, it's not impossible but your expectation have to within reason.

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