Augmentation and Lift During Current Breastfeeding?

Surgeon performed breast lift/aug. I verbally told & documented on paper I was currently breastfeeding. I developed infection & grade IV capsular contracture. He removed some scar tissue but I still suffer from constant pain. He performed the surgery knowing I wasn't a candidate. Assistant surgeon-upset with milk presence & excess bleeding. Head surgeon denied milk presence, also contact w/witnessing surgeon. Is performing surgery against policy, lying, denying info. grounds for filing complaint

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Breast augmentation during breast feeding

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Breast augmentation during lactation and breast feeding has been addressed many times on this site, and consensis is that surgery should be delayed. As always we encourage consultation with surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and when circumstances are unusual, a second opinion is recommended.

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Breast Augmentation/Lifting while Breast-feeding?

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Sorry to hear about the complication you have experienced. However, this forum is probably not the best for medical legal advice,  given that  online consultants will not have enough information to provide fair/objective  evaluation about the standard of care and whether it was met during your case. As you know, there are other avenues meant to address these types of concerns.

Best wishes.

Seek Legal Counsel

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I'm sorry to hear about your experience. You need to seek legal counsel. Please obtain all surgical records and associated documentation from your surgeon so that they may be reviewed by a board certified plastic surgeon. All the best.

Breast Augmentation and Lactation

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I would concur with the other postings. This not the forum for distribution of legal advice. We are doctors, not attorneys. I would always suggest that my patients obtain a second opinion from another Board Certified Plastic Surgeon before complex surgery such as the combination of breast augmentation and lift. I hope you will be able to obtain a satisfactory outcome with your issues. 

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Breast Augmentation and or lift during breastfeeding

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There are several good reasons why it is generally not a good idea to carry out elective breast surgery such as augmentation, mastopexy, or reduction during lactation.  First of all it is difficult to judge what the fundamental breast structure is like, since this may change quite dramatically once breast feeding stops.  Also the tissue is generally more difficult to operate on due to enlargement of blood vessels and milk ducts.  Finally, despite breast pumps and other strategies, why put yourself through issues such as the effect of anesthesia and pain medication on the quality of breast milk?


I do not intend this in any way to be a legal opinion, but only as a general helpful guideline. 

John Q. Cook, MD
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Cosmetic Surgery of the Breast should not be done during breast feeding

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It is unlikely a board certified plastic surgeon would perform a cosmetic surgery procedure on a breast that is lactating.   You should obtain a copy of your medical records and have them fully reviewed by a board certified plastic surgeon as this forum is not designed for medico legal advice

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Augmentation and Lift During Current Breastfeeding

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Very hard to believe any boarded Plastic Surgeon would operate upon a lactating breasts. But as Dr Pousti states WRONG forum to "air" your issues. Seek legal consul advise. 

Augmentation and breast feeding

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I agree completely with Dr. Pousti that this is not the forum to seek medical legal advise. You could take your medical records to another local Plastic surgeon for an independent review.

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