I have to do a root canal on tooth 3 this week, the cost will be 1500. How much to replace all teeth? (Photo)

How much to replace all teethN

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All-on-4 Dental Implants Price

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If you're considering the All-on-4 treatment, the price could start at $40,000. Some cases, depending on the material used and the number of implants, could range up to $70,000. Good luck.

Dental Treatment Cost

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Hi, thank you for your question and for submitting your photo. There are a multitude of conditions that will cause you to lose your teeth. As a dental professional, we see the value of the natural dentition and try to find ways to preserve and prevent the lost of your teeth. Root canal treatment is a way to retain one of your natural teeth and is very successful. I don't have any additional information regarding the rest of the health of your teeth, but I would say that if you are able to retain your natural teeth, that will be the least expensive option for you. In addition, traveling outside of the US is also a very costly option for any type of dental treatment that you might be saving money on. There could be implications with traveling abroad that will cost you more money in the long run. Please find your self a great and experienced dentist in your area or inside the US to save your teeth. Good luck!

Investment to replace all teeth similar to a car

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Like a car, there are different kinds and different costs.  If one just wants teeth gone and dentures, the "car" would be like an economy car, $10-15,000.  If one wanted implants, porcelain teeth, etc, then the "car" is like a luxury car, around $50,000.Both options take MANY visits and a lot of time.

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