Cost of facelift, etc.?

Is 26,000 a lot for a facelift, neck lift, upper and lower bleph, tca peel, perioral dermabrasion, temporal brow lift

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That may be a little high but you need to consider the area and in NYC fees are a bit higher.
We have an office in NY and fees charged to patients at that location are considerably higher compared to our Latham NY clinic. 
I hope that is helpful but you may want to look for a qualified facelift specialist out of the City

Latham Facial Plastic Surgeon

Facelift Costs

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The cost of facelift like other procedure vary considerably across the country and even in the same area depending on the cost structure. More expensive cities such as Boston, New York or Los Angeles, or areas with fewer board certified plastic surgeons may be more expensive than South Florida. Our facelift price starts at $4000 + MD Anesthesia. For Facelift with upper and lower blepharoplasty inclusive of MD Anesthesia expenses you should be looking at less then $10,000.

For the highest standards and cost containment, consult with experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeons who own their own nationally accredited surgery center.

Consult with three experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeons to understand your options.

How much does a facelift cost?

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Hi Beachplace, the cost of a facelift depends on several factors including the degree of difficulty of the procedure, the amount of time the procedure takes, the experience level of the surgeon, and region of the country. If you are in major metropolitan centers such as NYC, LA, SF etc., the cost is going to be higher. You can usually find better value in smaller cities with experienced facial plastic surgeons.

Todd C. Miller, MD
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Facelift prices can range from ~$5000 for a Mini lift to ~$15,000 for a more extensive Facelift.
See an experienced Board Certified surgeon for more info.

Facelift Cost

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Hi Beachplace!

Thank you for your question. 

Faceliftng costs vary depending on the complexity of the procedure and your geographic location. Endoscopic Midface lifting will cost less and Full face lifting as you described will cost more. 

I would recommend seeing a qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your specific needs and get a firm quote after a face to face exam and consultation.

Best Wishes

Cost of facelift

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Costs vary depending on your geographic area. Costs around the country run from around $7,000 to $20,000+. New Orleans costs are typically in the middle-lower end of that spectrum. Remember, however, that you should not be bargain hunting for the doctor that you are entrusting to enhance your facial appearance. We break facelifting costs down by the area treated. A lift of the temporal, cheek, and neck skin will cost more than just a neck lift, for example. We also include all post-operative visits and treatments related to the procedure in the initial cost of the surgery. .

Adding blepharoplasties and skin resurfacing are common in my practice and will increase cost; however, having these procedures performed simultaneously has  tremendous benefits – one healing period, more natural and balanced results, and economic advantages as well since you wouldn't have to pay for another OR/ anesthesia fee in the future.

I would recommend seeing a qualified facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon to discuss your specific needs and get a firm quote after an in person exam and meeting.

I wish you well,
Dr. Velargo

Cost of a face lift

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Thank you for asking about your face lift.

  • The price you have been given for the surgery you want is on the high side but perfectly acceptable.
  • If it is being done in New York or San Francisco, it is probably reasonable for that area.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes

Facelift Costs

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Hi Beachplace

Thanks for your question. As you can imagine the cost vary tremendously. You should take into account, the surgeon and what experience they have, the time off, the time to travel and whether or not they are registered.

Our facelift is £6000, add on the neck lift at £4100, upper blephs and lower blephs, £4980 (although together you get a discount). The other procedures are too varied to cost out.

We usually do our surgeries under local which keeps the cost down. Our down time is also therefore, much less.

You would need to get an exact quote on consultation.


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Thank you for your question.  The costs of surgery vary depending on what you are having done, who is doing it, and where it is being done.  It sounds like you are having a full facial rejuvenation.  Based on what you are describing, that price seems high, but in line with around what you may expect in the New York area.   The question of cost comes up a lot, and it really should be the cost of not feeling comfortable with your surgeon.  If you are paying less, but don't feel comfortable with your surgeon- would that price be acceptable?  Make sure you find a board certified plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with, and of course can afford.  Its finding that combination that is important.  All the best, 

Facelift Cost

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Thanks for your question. It depends on the surgeon's fees,  the area you live in, etc. Please be sure to find a board certified plastic surgeon, and it's a plus if he or she is also an active member of ASAPS and/or ASPS.

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