Unsure about proposed orthodontic treatment plan for lower teeth crowding? (Photo)

I have severe overcrowding of lower teeth with an overjet of 4 mm. My orthodontist wants to apply braces and then wait 12 months to see whether this plan will work. If it looks like it won't, he would then extract a lower tooth (the tilted one) and reapply braces. My total time in braces would be 24 months. Does this plan make any sense? If the tilted tooth is extracted to begin with, would this reduce the length of treatment and possibly the cost? Thank you!

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Extraction not a good option

By Extracting your tooth would compromise the esthetic harmony of your lower teeth. Based on other successful treatments that we have accomplished using clear aligners, you should be a good candidate. Consult with a provider in your area who has good experienced using clear aligners like the invisalign.All the best,

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