Is it normal for your abdominal muscles to cramp after a tummy tuck?

I had a tummy tuck 3+ years ago. Ever since then I cannot exercise my adbominal muscles without them cramping during exercise and about 3 days after they are very very sore. Is this normal? Is this something I need to see my plastic surgeon about? Its very uncomfortable.

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Persistent cramps after a tummy tuck

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Although cramps and spasms are common during the early recovery period following a tummy tuck, it is rare that they would continue this late. There may be reasons for the cramps that are unrelated to the tummy tuck and may require further evaluation. I would recommend beginning with a visit to your plastic surgeon as he or she would be most familiar with your procedure and past history. 

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Is it normal for your abdominal muscles to cramp after a tummy tuck?

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Dear kricheyAlthough it is possible to have muscle spasm in the early post op period (first 6 weeks), it is unlikely and rare to have them 3 years later. It is always a good idea to revisit your surgeon with concerns about issues and complications and be examined to make sure you do not have an unusual circumstance.

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