What filler would you suggest for deep hollows, crepey skin and purple discoloration? (Photo)

Deep hollows under eyes with crepey skin, and purple discoloration. I am 56 and look mid 60's. Need suggestions to get rid of them. Thanks.

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Dark Circles, Eyelid Wrinkles/Bags Treatment -- Restylane or Belotero with Cannulas, Clear+Brilliant, Eclipse Micropen, Viva

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fillers, lasers, microneedling and prp can all be used to improve this area in order to help avoid surgery.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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HA filler is the way to go under the eyes

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I think that I would start with a HA filler, either Restylane or Belotero. I do not use Juvederm under the eyes. Be aware that this is an area that is prone to bruising after injection so do not plan your visit before an importane event and stop anythimng that increases bleeding, unless prescribed by doctor, one week before visit.

Eyes and Purple discoloration

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The discoloration and hollows can be addressed by a filler such as Belotero or Restylane.  The creepy skin may be addressed by Thermage.  Please consult a specialist for the delicate skin around the eyes.  Best, Dr. Green

What filler would you suggest for deep hollows, crepey skin and purple discoloration? (Photo)

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Thank you for your question and photographs. I would recommend one of the hyaluronic acid dermal fillers for this portion of the face with restylane, belotero and juvederm all viable options. Choice of filler can then be tailored to your specific findings on exam. Because of the little room for error in lower eyelid treatment, be sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation, they can also offer a good skin regimen to further enhance your results.  

What's the best under eye filler?

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I encourage you to schedule a consultation with an experienced "core" injector (facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or occuloplastic surgeon). This is because we all have a keen understanding of facial anatomy and the effects of injecting fillers in different regions of the face.  

Additionally, an in person exam may indicate that you aren't a great candidate for Injectables -- a facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon can then educate you on other surgical options. 

I prefer to inject Restylane or Belotero (hyaluronic acid fillers) into the tear trough groove. This would create a smoother transition between the eyelid and cheek. This would need to be repeated every 9-12 months or so.

As Dr. Stevens mentioned, addressing your skin quality (even if just with prescription grade products) is a great first step before or concurrent with any procedure.  

I wish you well!

Under eye area...

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I would start with addressing skin color and texture.   In my office we are in love with the Ellipse PR530 and Scitons BBL.  This will help even out your skin coloring.  After this is achieved... Restylane-L is my favorite injectable for the tear trough area.  Please make sure you are going to a provider with a lot of experience in this area.

Best of luck!

Dr. Grant Stevens

Hollow Eyes

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This is a great question. Filler is a good option to help with the hollows and fine lines. I like to use Restylane under the eyes. I would recommend consulting with an injector trained to inject in this area.  


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Thanks for your question. Botox is a temporary neuroparalytic that is used to eliminate wrinkles in the periorbital and forehead area. Its also works well for softening the 11s (corrugated muscle). Fillers are used to add volume to the face and also deal with dipper folds and lines such as the smile lines and marionette lines. In addition filler can be used for filling the tear trough deformity and adding volume to the cheeks and lips. Please consult with your plastic surgeon to review the best options available for you.
Good Luck.

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