Almost no breast tissue, will having children affect implants?

I was wanting to get under the muscle gummy bears. I've read that breasts can change considerably during before and after pregnancy, but I honestly have next to no tissue. When my weight fluctuates on the higher end I can fill an A cup. Would there be a considerable difference if I wanted until after having children?

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Waiting (or not) for breast augmentation after pregnancy

The truth of the matter is that during the course of pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breast tissue expands in response to the changes in hormones that occur during these times.  That expansion of the breast tissue also causes expansion of the overlying breast skin.  Very typically what happens is when the breastfeeding period comes to an end and the breast tissue is no longer supported by the hormones, the breast tissue will shrink, but the overlying skin doesn’t shrink to adjust to the loss of volume to the breasts.  This combination of expanded skin and reduced breast tissue is what produces the sagging appearance of the breasts.  This is true whether you have had breast augmentation surgery in the past or not.  Quite often, there may be minimal to no changes of the relative position of the breast implant that has healed in a space next to the chest wall.  Most of the changes that occur with pregnancy will occur in the breast tissue and more superficial to the position of the breast implant especially if your implant is under the muscle.  In other words, your muscle will keep your implant in that healed and relatively fixed position. 


What I advise patients who have had breast augmentation surgery in the past and have gone through pregnancy and breastfeeding period is to allow the breasts to settle for about 2-3 months.  After that time, you can evaluate it to see if a breast lift surgery is indicated to get the look you desire.  There are different types of breast lift surgeries according to the degree of drooping of the breasts.  The best way to determine which operation would be best for you is really to schedule a consultation with your Plastic Surgeon.  Thank you for your question. 

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Breast implants do not really influence subsequent pregnancy.

Pregnancy can have aesthetic consequences to the breasts. Breast implants really don't immunize the patient against these.

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Breast implants and pregnancy

The short answer is that the final outcome of the results of pregnancy on your augmentation is unpredictable. If you intend to get pregnant soon, it may be better to wait on the augmentation. If you are eager for the augmentation and are unsure of when you may get pregnant, there is no harm in having your augmentation as long as you understand there is a relatively small but real possibility you will need a revision of your surgery.

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Breast changes with pregnancy

Your breasts will likely change with pregnancy.  How much change is very unpredictable. If you gain a large amount of weight, you can expect more change. If your breasts get very large with lactation, you can expect more change.  If your breast size does not change much during and after pregnancy, the permanent changes will be less apparent.  I recommend that if you are trying to get pregnant or thinking about it in the next year, you should wait on breast augmentation until after.  If you have no plans for pregnancy, then it is perfectly acceptable to have surgery before you get pregnant.

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Almost no breast tissue, will having children affect implants?

Thank you for the question.
Breast implants do not necessarily change position or shape after pregnancy.
However, the overlying breast tissue and/or skin does often change. The exact change the specific patient will experience during or after pregnancy is not predictable. Some common changes seen with the breasts after pregnancy include " involutional hypoplasia" (breasts become smaller) and/or breast ptosis (" drooping"). The changes the breasts experience may be related to genetic factors, skin elasticity changes, hormonal effects, and/or weight gain/loss around the time of pregnancy.
The changes that the overlying breast tissue and/or skin undergo after pregnancy may cause the breast implant to appear “changed” after the pregnancy. For example, if the patient loses breast tissue volume after pregnancy, the breast implant may become more exposed and the patient may feel (rippling) or see the implant more so than before pregnancy.
I ask my patients to follow up with me approximately 3 months after they have stopped breast-feeding to evaluate the breasts and the underlying breast implants.
I hope this and the attached link helps.

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Breast Implants Post-Pregnancy

Hello and thank you for the question.  Unfortunately every pregnancy is different and can change a woman's body considerably, including a woman's breast. The size of your implants will not be effected. They will always stay the same size. However, you may see you have a considerable amount of sagging after your pregnancy which in some cases some patients will then need to consider a Mastopexy (Breast Lift).  I can say there is no harm in getting your augmentation pre-pregancy and there is no risk/harm to you or your child post-pregnancy.  Best of Luck with everything.

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Implants and Pregnancy

You may see some fluctuation with small breasts but there is relatively no effect such as sagging following pregnancy and breast feeding. You should be able to get your breast augmentation done before becoming pregnant and have little to no effect.  

Christopher Khorsandi, MD
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Breast changes following pregnancy.

Hello, thank you for this question. Yes there will be many changes that occurr to your breast during pregnancy. I would suggest that you discuss all of these changes with a shoes with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. They may be able to do a physical examination and check the  style of the implants

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Almost no breast tissue, will having children affect implants?

Pregnancy and breast feeding will not affect the implants, nor will the implants impose any health risk to you or your child. Your breast may or may not change with the pregnancy. There is no way to predict this. Many women with little tissue to start with return to a similar size and shape after pregnancy, though the breast may be a little looser.

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Do Breast Implants changes with pregnancy?

The implants will not change with pregnancy, but the breast tissue may change with pregnancy.  With pregnancy and breast feeding, the breasts will typically enlarge and engorge, but not always.  Some women's breasts do not change dramatically.  After pregnancy and breast feeding, the breasts undergo what is termed involutional changes in which the breasts essentially take on a deflated look.  Thus, depending on how large the breasts get and then how much they deflate, you may need additional surgery such as a breast lift to make things look perky again.  

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