Are all Radiofrequency treatments the same? What's the difference between monopolar, bipolar, tripollar and multipolar?

Dear doctors, Is there a difference in results between the Radiofrequency treatments? I had Pelleve sessions which were a waste of money and provided zero results. I'm considering a different type of Radiofrequency treatment but don't want to do it if they are all as ineffective as Pelleve. Thankyou

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Radiofrequency Treatment Types

Not all RF devices are the same, however, the results are technician dependent and that is most important.  If you decide on a therapy, go to someone reputable who has experience and doesnt delegate the procedures unless that person is very well trained.   I do all my treatments myself to get the best results for my patients. I have monopolar (thermage), multipoloar (venus legacy) and bipolar (velashape) devices and use them in combination to get the best results.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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